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A little break Date: Sep 30th @ 12:12am EDT
Hello guys, i hate to say that, but for a few days i won t be here. I will travel a few days with parents so today it s the last day and after that, vacantion. Hopefully to see you today till vacantion. kissessssss
One of my biggest wish Date: Sep 13th @ 5:19am EDT
Hey there guys! It s time to write again in my blog, it s pretty funny actually, i never had a blog and this is interesting, hope someone read it, haha. I ll talk today about one of my biggest wish/ pleasure, how you want to tell it. On 28 september i ll do 1 year of working here and i still didn t won any contest. So my biggest day will be then, when i ll win my first contest! Hopefully till i do 1 year it will be one day when i ll be the best in that day. Enjoy my shows! (K)
OHMIBOD Date: Sep 6th @ 2:26am EDT
Hello, my friends! Looks like i enjoy this ohmibod so much, just bought it few days ago and it feels fucking great, almost like a real cock inside me. I am so glad you like it too and help me to get horny faster! Thank you for everyone who came in my room and also tipped me and got me horny AF. Single thing that i hate at this is the breathe lol.. i can t breathe if i am flooded 4x times in a row haha. so continue to take care of me guys and have fun!
Twitter Date: Sep 4th @ 11:35pm EDT
Booo! Arthur Ethan decided to make an twitter account! Once it s done you ll have it guys! Stay tunned! :D
First post on my blog. Date: Aug 31st @ 4:17am EDT
Hello guys, i finally decided to write on my blog and i promise i will start use thig for much more times than i used in 11 months of working on flirt4free! I will start with some words i use daily when i met new guys here, "sorry! my english is bad sometimes", so if i have some wrong in my english just try to understand :D. First subject i want to share with you guys is my weirdest place where i wish to have a sextime. I heard from lot of guys that is so nice to fuck on the beach in the nighttime. Sure, it s advantages and not, who wants some sand on their cockhead? lol, nobody! or freezing because the sea. but for sure it s getting hotter with the special partner. So that s my "dream" in a sextime, to have a fuck on the beach in the nigh, if everyone did it before i just wait some stories guys! Kisses for you all!
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